Kids Hope USA

A Ministry of South Grandville CRC

January 2014 began the 13th year that we have been involved in Kid’s Hope USA. At this time the program has been blessed with having a very effective leadership team to plan the parties, coordinate the prayer partners and generally provide support for the mentors.

The Leadership team is composed of the following:

  • Diane Reed, Director
  • Pastor Dan, Advisor
  • Pat Bosscher, Prayer Partner Coordinator & Special Events

Currently there are children at South Elementary School who are waiting for a mentor. If God has laid it on your heart to spend some time with students who either need academic help, or just a friend, please contact the church office.

In addition to the mentors, each child and mentor has their own prayer partner, someone praying specifically for them.

What is Kids Hope USA ministry?

Kids Hope USA gives church members an opportunity to model the love of Christ by building a relationship with an elementary school-age child in the neighboring school. This relationship affirms the child while helping him/her learn to develop academic skills. A prayer partner is identified with each relationship. Volunteers will spend one hour per week with one child at South Elementary School.

What is Kids Hope USA ?

Kids Hope USA (KHUSA) was created in 1993 by International Aid in response to the growing needs of America ‘s children. The relational model through the church was adopted after extensive research with professionals in human services, health services, religion, education, government, business and volunteer services. This research showed that children performing below grade level could be “rescued” if trained church volunteers would affirm them by developing a relationship and helping them academically.

Who will be the directors in South Grandville ?

Holly Gort & Diane Reed have been trained by KHUSA personnel and will provide training, supervision and affirmation of the volunteers and work closely with school personnel.

Who can be a KHUSA Tutor?

Any adult church member (16 years and older) who can read is eligible for the ministry as a relational tutor. The most important requirement for tutors is that they love children. All mentor volunteers will be interviewed by the directors and must agree to a police background check.

What is the role of the prayer partner?

The prayer partner must be a prayer warrior and know the significance of lifting everything up to God. A commitment to consistent communication with the mentor is desired. The prayer partner agrees to devote intercessory time sharing needs and reasons for thanksgiving to our God.

Prayer is the foundation of this ministry and is the centerpiece of the puzzle. All else revolves around prayer.

Who are the children?

Teachers in South Elementary School will refer students who need emotional support and academic help, especially with reading. We mentor students in grades K-6.

How much time will I need to commit as a mentor?

When it comes to a child, a few minutes go a long way. Teachers report significant changes in behavioral and academic performance after only two weeks of one hour per week sessions. Mentors are asked for a one year commitment for one hour a week, during the school year. Faithfulness is very important so children who may lack structure will be able to count on these special moments with you and thus benefit greatly from consistency. Commitment is crucial!

Will I receive training?

Training sessions are required for all volunteers. The training will be provided by the directors using KHUSA materials. This training will be completed in two sessions. The directors will also “walk you through” South Elementary school for additional instructions. These training sessions will give you a clear understanding of the ministry and will equip you for an exciting and fulfilling experience.

What training will I receive as a substitute or prayer partner?

Substitutes and prayer partners are invited to join in the same training as the mentors.

When and where do I spend my mentoring time?

Your mentoring time will be scheduled at South Elementary School during the school day. You will complete a form with desired times/days, as does the teacher. These requests will be considered and a common time will be designated. Locations in the school will be determined by the teacher. All sessions are located in a visible place due to liability issues.

What is the goal of the ministry?

KHUSA mentors provide emotional support and academic support which is undergirded with prayer. Every child is important to God and are important to us. Our desire is to have all kids believe in themselves and know how special and unique they are. A study has shown that KHUSA children have fewer detentions, were more attentive, exhibited greater concern for other students, and demonstrated significant improvement in reading, spelling, math and test-taking.

Please contact Holly Gort or Diane Reed if you have questions or are interested in being a:

  • Mentor
  • Prayer Partner
  • Substitute Mentor
  • Financial Supporter