Our Mission

As a family of believers we exist because of God’s grace to us through the sacrifice made by our Savior, Jesus Christ. Every person in the congregation, regardless of age, gender, race or marital status belongs to this family. We are bonded together to nurture each other, reach out to the community and to others with whom we come in contact. Everyone’s gift is important to God and is important for the existence and growth of the church.

Some ways that we can implement this vision are through:


  • Must be God-centered and include Biblical preaching and teaching
  • The use of personal gifts will be encouraged and used in the worship services. These gifts include:
    • Playing instruments
    • Voice-speaking and singing
    • Dramatization
    • Arts
    • Joyful and reverent dance
  • Sharing faith stories in the service, to encourage and bless each other, will be encouraged


  • Prayer is central to our life in Christ and is vital to the Spirit’s work
  • Prayer will be taught and practiced by:
    • Using the daily prayer schedule
    • Using the weekly prayer sheet in the bulletin
    • Sharing praises and requests in the worship service
    • Listening to the prayer line
    • Planning services or times dedicated to prayer
  • The needs of the community, country and world will be addressed in prayer on a regular basis.


  • The congregation will be encouraged to support and participate in the existing ministries of the church which include the community such as:
    • Cadets and GEMS
    • TYG and A2J
    • Kids Hope
    • Friendship Ministry
    • StephenMinistry
    • Baby Supply Pantry
    • Big Brother/Big Sister programs
  • The congregation will be willing to support staff or individuals as they begin new ministries to which they have been called
  • Sharing faith stories of individual ministry will be encouraged
  • Continue and improve communication between staff, committees, council and the congregation by use of the bulletin, newsletter, mailboxes, screen and speaking in the worship service
  • Continue and improve the letters, telephone calls to visitors and making connections between visitors and congregation members with like interests i.e. teachers>teachers, etc
  • Plan special events which would encourage attendance by our neighbors